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产品编号: IPN124
类别: 生育配套
产品品牌: Perfect Women
产品重量 1 kg

RM 2,700.00

Bebecom Set Features :


Infertility can be caused by many reasons. Bacterial infection and tumor of the reproductive system, incomplete development, imbalance of hormones, irregular menstrual period, blockage of fallopian tubes, irregular or no ovulation, incomplete ovum and many other factors might cause infertility in married couple even though they have tried different methods to conceive, but still unable to have their offspring.


BebecomSet has been developed by renowned ancient Chinese food therapist, Professor Dr. Liu who has treated more than 600 women with infertility problems for over 20 years. Bebecom capsules contain Radix Angelicae Sinesis (DongGuai), Rhizoma Cyperus Rotundus L. (XiangFu), Rhizoma Atractlodes Macrocephala (BaiShu), Radix Panax Ginseng (RenShen), Radix Bupleurum Chinese (ChaiHu), Radix Rehmannia Praeparata (ShuDi), Rhizoma Atractlodes Lancea (ChangShu), Radix Paenia Lactiflora (BaiShao), RadixGlycyrhiza Uralensis (GanCao), Rhizoma Lingustici ChuanXiong (ChuanXiong) and many other valuable herbs. This Fertility Package is manufactured by White Heron Pharmaceutical using modern pharmaceutical and food processing technology which conforms to strict GMP, ISO and HACCP standards.


Bebecom Set  Functions: 
Monitors menstrual period, prevent abdomen pain during menstrual period and irregular menstrual period.Improves maturation of ovum, promotes ovulations.Reduce rejection of ovum against spermatozoa, promotes fertilization, which is the process involves the fusion of an ovum with a sperm.Provides nutrition and promotes the developments of reproductive system, secure implantation and fetus development.Secure pregnancy.Prevent bacteria infection of female reproductive system, blockage of Fallopian tube and bacteria infection of spermatozoa. Improve immune system and prevent against cyst or tumor.To strengthen our body and prevent frigidity.  



Bebecom Set Mechanism: 


1.Nourishing and wellness of Ovarian Nourishing the ovarian to release healthy ovum. Protect the ovum by suppressing bacterial inflammation and reducing the rejection of ovum against the sperm.

2.Nourishing the Uterus and Vaginal Balancing the PH level and to provide a better environment for the sperm. 3.Protecting the Sperm Prevent bacterial infection in the female reproductive system to provide a better environment for the sperm. 

4.Provide a healthy environment for the female reproductive system To secure the pathway for sperm to reach the ovum in the Fallopian Tubes.

5.Monitors Hormones Regulates the hormones of female reproductive system (progesterone, estrogen, etc.) which help in ovulation and pregnancy.

6.Monitors Menstrual Period Regulates Menstrual Period, prevent abdomen pain during menstrual period and irregular menstrual period, improve blood circulations, reduce whitish or yellowish  discharge (leukorrhea).


7. To secure pregnancy Prevent Uterus contraction to secure pregnancy and blood nourishment.



1) Bebecom Capsules: 3 times per day, 5 capsules each time.              


2) Femme Nutri Soup Concentrate: Once a day, 15 ml mix with warm water of  90ml                                                   

                                                         Twice a day from the 3 days before menstrual period until the end of menstrual period.


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